Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Minor in Nonprofit Management

The Minor in Nonprofit Management prepares students with the skills and knowledge needed to identify and examine organizational theories and behavior as they apply in nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations, including issues of work design and implications of operational policies and practices.  Students from all majors are encouraged to expand their career options within government, law, nonprofit, and corporate institutions with this applied and strategic minor.

Required Courses

NMLI 2231 – Introduction to Nonprofit Management (3)
PBAD 2231 – Introduction to Public Administration (3)

Complete 9-credit hours from the following courses:

PBAD 3334 – Introduction to Public and Nonprofit Financial Management (3)
NMLI 3632 – Social Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, and Innovation (3)
NMLI 3633 – International Non-governmental Organizations (3)
PBAD 4031 – Selected Topics in Public and Nonprofit Management (3)
PBAD 4232 – Public Service Values and Ethics (3)
PBAD 4331 – Leadership and Managerial Innovation (3)
NMLI 4332 – Resource Development and Management for Nonprofits (3)
NMLI 4333 – Strategic Management for Nonprofits (3)
PBAD 4791 – Field Internship in Public Administration (3)

Minor Information and Course Conversion Sheets

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