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Undergraduate Programs

The department offers the Minor in Public Administration, Minor in Public Policy, and Minor in Nonprofit Management.  These minors are open to all students seeking training in the public and nonprofit sectors.  Moreover, interested students may take one or more courses as free electives as their program of study allows.  Students in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program may also pursue program concentrations in these areas.

Courses in Public Administration, Public Policy, and/or Nonprofit Management are an excellent choice for students across several majors in the behavioral and social sciences, business, health, arts and humanities, and the hard sciences.  Please contact the department with any questions about how courses in these areas fit with your degree and future career plans.


All students are encouraged to complete an internship to fulfill part of their minor requirements.  An internship (PBAD 4791) can be completed during the fall or spring semesters, or over the summer.  In order to receive academic credit, internships require a minimum of 150 hours and must be approved in advance by the department’s internship coordinator.  As a first step, students should submit a completed Internship General Information Sheet.  Additional documents pertaining to the internship can be found HERE.

ABM Programs

Undergraduates majoring in Recreation Management or Human Development and Family Science (Family Services concentration) may apply to the Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (ABM) program. The ABM program provides students with the opportunity to apply up to 12-credit hours of MPA coursework towards both their undergraduate and graduate (MPA) degree requirements.  Students interested in pursuing the ABM program should speak to their undergraduate advisor and program coordinator, as well as the MPA program director prior to submitting an application.

Summer 2023 Course Schedule

PBAD 2231: Introduction to Public Administration (Minimester I)

PBAD 3331: Applied Public Management (Minimester II)

PBAD 4791: Field Internship in Public Administration (Long Term)

Fall 2023 Course Schedule

PBAD 2231: Introduction to Public Administration (2 sections)

NMLI 2231: Introduction to Nonprofit Management

PBAD 3431: Public Budgeting

PBAD 3633: International NGOs

PBAD 3731: Public Policy

PBAD 3733: Contemporary Policy Issues

PBAD 4235: Research Methods and Evaluation

PBAD 4334: Policy and Markets

PBAD 4791: Field Internship in Public Administration

Last updated: 3/31/2023