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Nonprofit Management

The nonprofit concentration is designed to provide students with the practical and theoretical training they need to work in the nonprofit sector.  In addition to the core MPA curriculum students complete 12-credit hours of nonprofit electives, selecting from courses including:

  • Philanthropy
  • International Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Community Development
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Strategic Management
  • Board Governance and Executive Leadership
  • Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Resource Development and Grant Writing
  • Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
  • Internship in Nonprofit Management

Upon successful completion of the nonprofit concentration students will have an understanding of the broad questions and issues facing the nonprofit sector as well as the practical managerial and administrative techniques necessary for agency survival.  Specifically, students will explore:

  • The role of the nonprofit sector in democratic society.
  • The historical institutional evolution of charity and philanthropy in the United States.
  • The diverse roles of philanthropic institutions in the political, social and economic environment.
  • The financial realities of nonprofits and the importance of accountability and ethical questions facing nonprofits.
  • The legal framework of nonprofit organizations.
  • The critical issues related to board governance, strategic planning, fundraising and financial management.

The nonprofit sector provides graduates a breadth of professional options. Typical careers that a graduate of the MPA program with a nonprofit concentration would be prepared for include:

  • Executive Director
  • Fundraiser
  • Event Planner
  • Program Officer
  • Foundation Official
  • Community Engagement/Organizing
  • Administrative and leadership positions within nonprofits in a variety of areas such as education, arts, health services, and international humanitarian organizations.

Nonprofit Management Concentration

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