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MPA Program Curriculum

The Master of Public Administration program is a 39-credit hour program designed to provide both theoretical and practical experience in the area of public and nonprofit management.  The curriculum consists of core and elective courses, as well as an internship experience and comprehensive examination. The degree requirements below apply to students admitted Fall 2021 and later.

Core Requirements (24-credit hours)

  • PBAD 7631 Foundations of Public Administration
  • PBAD 7430 Public Human Resource Management
  • PBAD 7230 Budgeting in Public Service Organizations
  • PBAD 7130 Ethics for Public Service Organizations
  • PBAD 7531 Public Program Evaluation
  • PBAD 7532 Public Policy
  • PBAD 7530 Research Methods for Public Service Organizations
  • PBAD 7134 Advanced Management

Concentration Requirements (12-credit hours)

Students complete 12-semester hours in one of the following concentrations:

Internship (3-credit hours)

The internship (PBAD 7730) requires a minimum of 300-hours in an approved public or nonprofit organization.  The internship is required of all pre-service students.  Students who are not professionally employed in the public or nonprofit sector while a student in the MPA program will be required to complete an internship in a public or nonprofit organization before completing the program. Students must have completed at least nine credits and have a GPA in the MPA program of at least 3.0 before enrolling for credit in the internship

In consultation with a student’s faculty advisor, in-service students may use (1) their current position for the internship or (2) complete an additional seminar course.

Comprehensive Examination

Students must pass a written comprehensive examination. Students may sit for the comprehensive examination after completing a minimum of 27 credit hours in the MPA program with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and by permission of the MPA Program Director.

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