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Master of Public Administration

One nationally accredited and respected MPA program, on two campuses

Hybrid program offered on the Statesboro and Armstrong Campus

MPA Program Overview

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a professional graduate degree designed for management and administration within the public sector and nonprofit organizations. The MPA degree provides you with focused training to work in a leadership role, helping you master a broad set of skills including budgeting and finance, economic analysis, human resource management, policy analysis, information technology, resource development and grant writing, program evaluation and board governance.

Since 1973, Georgia Southern University’s MPA degree program has been a leader in the advancement of public and nonprofit management education. Today, the MPA program is recognized as one of the top graduate programs at Georgia Southern.

The MPA at Georgia Southern is offered as a hybrid program, with limited fully-online and completely face-to-face course offerings. Our program provides current and aspiring public and nonprofit management professionals with an innovative and effective education that combines the best of online and in-person course delivery. For example, a typical 16-week hybrid MPA course divides up online (50%) and in-person (50%) instruction across the semester. In-person instruction takes place in one of the university’s site-synchronous, technology enhanced classrooms, where students have the option of attending on either the Statesboro or Armstrong Campus.

With a Master of Public Administration degree, you will gain the advanced career-oriented professional knowledge and skills to elevate your career as a driven leader in public service, government and nonprofit organizations!

At Georgia Southern University, you can tailor your MPA degree education with a concentration in either Public Management or Nonprofit Management.

MPA degree concentration in Public Management

The Public Management concentration is designed to provide you with the practical training necessary to be an effective administrative leader in public sector organizations. You will be prepared for jobs in public administration such as:

  • City manager
  • Budget analyst
  • Human resource manager
  • Program evaluator
  • Policy analyst
  • Government contractor

MPA degree concentration in Nonprofit Management

With a concentration in Nonprofit Management, you will explore managerial and administrative techniques to excel in the nonprofit sector. Your training will equip you with the necessary skills for a career in public administration roles such as:

  • Event planner
  • Program officer
  • Foundation official
  • Fundraiser
  • Executive director

Georgia Southern University’s MPA degree program ranked in the top 5 for the 2019 Best Public Administration Colleges in Georgia!

Why get your MPA from Georgia Southern?

  • Curriculum that provides ‘real world’ knowledge and experience
  • Concentrated programs of study in public and nonprofit management
  • Hybrid course format that combines online and face-to-face site-synchronous instruction on either the Statesboro or Armstrong Campus
  • Dedicated MPA faculty and staff committed to student success
  • Graduate Assistantships and other financial assistance
  • Large network of Georgia Southern MPA alumni

Where have alumni found jobs in public administration?

  • U.S. Department of Treasury
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Boys and Girls Club of America
  • Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (Georgia)
  • City of Savannah

A Nationally Accredited and Respected Program

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is a NASPAA accredited degree program. The Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies is a member of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC).

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NASPAA Accredited The Commission on Pear Review & Accreditation


Where is the MPA program offered?

The MPA program is a hybrid program that blends online and face-to-face instruction. Students may choose to attend the in-person parts of the program on either the Statesboro or Armstrong Campus in Savannah, GA.

Can I attend the MPA program in Statesboro or Savannah?

Yes, the MPA program is offered on both campuses.

Are there any differences between the MPA program in Statesboro versus Savannah?

No, both programs have the same curriculum and degree requirements.

Is the MPA program accredited on both campuses?

Yes, the MPA program is NASPAA accredited and is a member of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC).

What is the format of the MPA program?

The MPA program is a hybrid program. Most program courses are taught in a blended format where 50% of a course is online and 50% occurs face-to-face in one of the university’s site-synchronous, technology enhanced classrooms.

What are site-synchronous classrooms?

Classes taught in a synchronous-learning environment bring students on both campuses together with the professor in the physical classroom.  Unlike a traditional distance education class, a site-synchronous classroom maintains a traditional face-to-face atmosphere with everything happening in real time.  A site-synchronous classroom allows for natural discussion and dialogue to occur regardless of campus location.

Does the MPA program offer fully online or completely in-person courses?

On occasion, MPA courses may be fully online or in-person.  However, most courses are offered in a blended format.  The current MPA course schedule (PBAD or NMLI – 7000 level courses) can be found using the university’s course search tool.

Can I attend the MPA program as a part-time or full-time student?

Students may attend the program full-time (9-credit hours) or part-time (6-credit hours or less).  For financial aid purposes, students need to take at least 6-credit hours in order to receive financial aid.  For more information contact the Georgia Southern Office of Financial Aid.

Do you accept international students to the MPA program?

Yes, we welcome applications from students outside of the United States.  International applicants should closely review the information found on the College of Graduate Studies website as well as the university’s Office of International Programs and Services.  

What type of funding opportunities are available?

The Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies is typically able to award graduate research or teaching assistantships to a handful of exceptionally qualified students.  Other graduate assistantship opportunities may be available outside of the department. General information pertaining to graduate assistantships can be found at on the College of Graduate Studies website, including a list of available assistantships outside the department.  International students may be eligible for an out of country tuition waiver that reduces the cost of tuition and fees to the in-state rate.

How long does it take to complete the MPA program?

The program requires successful completion of 39-credit hours and comprehensive examination. Students proceed at their own pace, although there is a Georgia Southern University limit of seven (7) years from the date of the initial course until the degree. Full-time students typically complete the MPA in two years.  Students who have full-time professional employment often take one or two courses each semester. At this pace, they can complete the MPA program in approximately 2.5 to 4 years.

Who are the faculty for the MPA program?

Our MPA program faculty are top teachers and researchers in their field.  Students can also expect to learn from invited guest speakers and, on occasion, adjunct instructors who have specialized expertise in a given area.

Who can I contact for more information about the MPA program?

If you have a question, click on the “Contact us Today” link on the website.  Alternatively, you may send an email to, call the Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies at 912-478-1400, or visit the department located in the Carroll Building, Rm. 1068 on the Statesboro Campus.

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