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Faculty – Dr. Patsy Kraeger

Patsy Kraeger
Associate Professor of Public Administration

Research and Teaching Interests:  Community development, community well-being philanthropy and social enterprise, public policy implications philanthropy and social enterprise.

Dr. Kraeger received her Ph.D. in Public Administration from Arizona State University, the School of Public Affairs, with a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the School of Community Resources and Development.   She has Master’s degree in Nonprofit Studies from Arizona State University, the School of Community Resource and Development. She has studied social enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship at the European Summer School on Social Economy, the Department of Economics of the University of Bologna (Forlì Campus) (Italy) and through the EMES Research Network, University of Trento (Italy).  She was certified in 2019 as a community indicators researcher from the Management Institute for Quality of Life Studies.

She also has a J.D. from Mercer University; and, an A.B. from Sweet Briar College with a double major in history and international relations. In the fall of 2015, she joined the faculty at Georgia Southern University as an associate professor in the Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies where she teaches graduate courses in community development, nonprofit and philanthropy foundational theories, nonprofit board governance, resource development and grant writing, program evaluation and intergovernmental relations.

Dr. Kraeger presents her research at international, national and regional academic conferences. She has authored book chapters and edited books  for Edward Elgar Publishing, Routledge Publishing and Springer Publishing. Her work is published in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Kraeger is the Reviews Editor for Local Development and Society and the Special Issues Editor for the International Journal For Community Well-Being, both peer –reviewed journals. She serves on the Board of Directors for the International Society of Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS) and the Community Indicators Consortium (CIC). She is the Chair of CIC’s Education Committee. Dr. Kraeger is the Founding Co-Chair of the Nonprofit, Philanthropy, Social Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship (NPSEE) section for the Western Social Science Association (WSSA).

Selected Publications:

Kraeger, P. (2021). Philanthropic Engagement, Shifting Philanthropic Engagement: Moving from Funding to Deliberation in the eras of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and Black Lives Matter. Local Development and Society. DOI: 10.1080/26883597.2021.1939766.

Kraeger, P. Phillips, R. and Frank, R. (forthcoming, 2021). The community foundation – community indicator interface: Exploring connections and applications In F. Ridzi, C. Stevens and N. Watson (Eds.) Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases IX. Springer.

Kraeger, P. & Phillips, R, Kuenzi, K. & Ugboya, I. Mapping Select U. S. Community Foundations and COVID-19 Responsive Community Philanthropy. International Journal of Community Well-Being, Philanthropy and Community Well-Being special issue. (Forthcoming)

Kraeger. P. (2020). Building a Healthy Community: The Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition in Phillips, R. Trevan, E, and Kraeger, P. (Eds.). Research Handbook for Community Development. London: Edward Elgar Publications.

Phillips, R. Trevan, E, and Kraeger, P.  (2020). Research Handbook for Community Development. London: Edward Elgar Publications.

Kraeger, P. and Schecter, D. (2020). Mini-public deliberation in philanthropy: A new way to engage with the public. newDemocracy Foundation, 1-8.

Phillips, R. and Kraeger, P. Community Planning and Development -Critical Concepts in the Built Environment. (2018). (Eds.). (Four volume major works anthology) Volume I: ISBN: 978-1-138-02310-9; Volume II: 978-1-138-02311-6; Volume III, 978-1-138-02312-3; and, Volume IV, 978-1-138-02313-0.

Kraeger, P., Cloutier, S. & Talmage T. (2017). (Eds.), New Dimensions in Community Well-Being.  Heidelberg/London: Springer Publications. ISBN 978-3-319-55407-5.

Kraeger, P. (2017). Socioconomers: New Organizational Actors in Hybrid Corporations in Kraeger, P., Cloutier, S. & Talmage T. (2017) (Eds.), New Dimensions in Community Well-Being.  Heidelberg/London: Springer Publications.

Kraeger, P. & Robichau, R. (2017). Questioning Stakeholder Legitimacy: A Model of Philanthropic Accountability. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, volume 39(4).

Lan, G.Z.; Li, P.; Wei, M. & Kraeger, P. (2017). Tangshan—China’s Industrial Pioneer Striving for Ecological Excellence. Cities, vol. 65

West, M., Kraeger, P. & Dahlstrom T. (2015). Chapter Nine: Establishing Community-Based Organizations. In An Introduction to Community Development, ( R. Phillips and M. Pittman, Eds) 2nd edition, Routledge.

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