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College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Strategic Goals, Vision Statements, and Objectives

Strategic Goal 1: Impactful Research and Creative Activity

Our Vision: The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is committed to research and creative activity that advances understanding and seeks solutions to today’s challenges.  To advance this vision, we aim to foster an environment that facilitates collaboration and cross-disciplinary solutions.  The College’s diverse community of scholars is committed to disseminating research in visible and high-quality outlets, with the goal of expanding our portfolio of externally funded research.  Realizing that many of the challenges facing communities require collective solutions, we value publicly engaged and community-based research that gives voice to all.  Furthering research opportunities for our most important asset, our students, is an important part of the innovative and holistic education we provide.  In our College, learning not only occurs within the walls of the classroom, but is deepened through involvement and participation in research.

Our Objectives:

1.1: Support the development of collaborative cross-disciplinary research teams that address pressing social and behavioral issues.

1.2: Enhance reputation in research by setting consistent expectations for the dissemination of findings in impactful scholarly and professional outlets.

1.3: Maintain support and infrastructure to facilitate externally funded research and creative activity.Increase incentives, support, and recognition for student involvement in research and creative activity.

1.4: Increase incentives, support, and recognition for student involvement in research and creative activity.

1.5: Support the development and growth of PhD programs.

Strategic Goal 2: Innovative Teaching

Our Vision: The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences prepares students to be civic-minded leaders in a global community and connected workforce.  Our diverse degree programs must be designed to meet the needs of the next generation of students, with clearly defined pathways to success for all.  This includes serving a diverse population of students – traditional, transfer, and adult learners from all backgrounds.  We have a commitment to innovative degree programs, modes of delivery, and credentialing.  Understanding that high-impact practices lead to future student success, the College is dedicated to learning opportunities that deepen students’ learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Objectives:

2.1: Ensure degree programs and other learning experiences are relevant to market demands, curriculum pathways are clearly defined, and teaching modalities promote access to learning and professional growth.

2.2: Support innovations in curriculum and degree programs aimed at growing the number and diversity of learners.

2.3: Incentivize and recognize the use of high-impact practices designed to enhance the student experience and post-graduation outcomes.

2.4: Foster learning opportunities that spur intellectual curiosity and enhance career readiness.

Strategic Goal 3: Resilient Culture

Our Vision: The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is committed to fostering a resilient culture.  We have an unwavering commitment to inclusion and equity, collegiality and respect, transparency and efficiency, and overall accessibility.  We prioritize developing the knowledge and skills of our faculty and staff, and building lifelong connections with our students and alumni.  Our resiliency is realized by capitalizing on opportunity, marketing and outreach to constituencies, and cultivating cultural competence.

Our Objectives:

3.1: Encourage a healthy, supportive, and resilient organizational culture for faculty, staff, and administrators.

3.2: Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness by ensuring effective and transparent internal communication, processes, and procedures.

3.3: Enhance professional and career development opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators.

3.4: Champion experiences that cultivate cross-cultural understanding.

3.5: Strengthen opportunities for students and alumni to make lifelong connections.

Strategic Goal 4: Community Engagement

Our Vision: The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences aims to have a positive impact in the communities we serve – local, regional, global, and professional.  We engage with a diversity of communities through our academic programs, research, outreach, and collaborative relationships.  The College’s commitment to student success initiatives, such as internships, practicums, clinical experiences, and study abroad, strengthens our community impact.  The College’s visibility and reputation are enhanced by mutually beneficial partnerships that improve quality of life for all.

Our Objectives:

4.1: Strengthen existing and establish new partnerships to increase community-engaged research and co-created solutions.

4.2: Reinforce relationships with existing partners and develop new connections across different perspectives, geographies, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

4.3: Reinforce commitment to student success and community impact by encouraging experiential learning opportunities, including internships, practicums, clinical experiences, and study abroad.

Building Our Strategic Vision

In Spring 2023, CBSS Leadership began the process of building a strategic vision of the future. The overarching goal is to develop a strategic plan that reinforces the College’s vision and mission, and further distinguishes CBSS as innovative, forward-thinking, and deeply committed to all it serves.

To that end, a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was appointed to begin the work of identifying the plan’s foundational themes and strategic pillars.

  • Trenton Davis, SPC Facilitator
  • Brenda Blackwell
  • Brett Curry
  • Ned Rinalducci
  • Alice Hall
  • Zamaria Ball

    With contributions from:
  • Akiv Dawson
  • Ebonyse Mead

The SPC, as part of a multi-step process, considered the past and present, as well as visioning for the future ahead. The SPC also reviewed the current CBSS mission and vision and the University Strategic Plan to ensure alignment with the broader strategic direction of the university.

Last updated: 8/9/2023