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M.S. Theses

Jorge R. Noguera – Sepulveda (2019)
Does Enhancing Mind Perception Affect Conspiracy Belief?
Nick Holtzman, Advisor

Ryan Arflin (2019)
The Impact of Language Complexity in Weather Warnings: Does It Matter?
Karen Naufel, Advisor

Meghan Lacienski (2019)
Are Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Associated With Trauma Exposure and Gender? An Empirical Analysis of Self-Reported Trauma and Health Histories of Men and Women
Dorthie Cross, Advisor

Clint E. Johnson (2019)
Does Sharing Information with Friends and Family Cause Men to Adhere More Strongly to Masculine Norms?
Nick Holtzman, Advisor

Rebecca E. Burchette (2019)
Ambivalent Prejudice in News Media: Does Social Hierarchy Threat Change How We View
Amy Hackney, Advisor

Victoria E. Forgea (2019)
Ego Depletion: Buffering Through Touch
Janie Wilson, Advisor

Alexandria D. Booth (2019)
The Effects of SES Stereotypes on Hurricane Decision Making
Larry Locker, Advisor

Serena K. Murphy (2019)
Does Emotion-Regulation Moderate Ostracism and Risk-Taking?
Ty Boyer, Advisor

Demi M. Culianos (2018)
The Effects of Inhibitory Control Training on Food Preferences
Janice Steirn, Advisor

Susan A. Talley (2018)
Predicting Student Learning: The Roles of Rapport, Immediacy, Learning Alliance, and Citizenship Behavior
Rebecca Ryan, Advisor

Allyson H. Schmidt (2018)
Does Person-First Language Increase Empathy and Feelings of Closeness for Those With HIV and Cancer?
Karen Naufel, Advisor

Joshua T. McMains (2018)
Dietary Patterns and Food Stimuli
Janice Steirn, Advisor

Brooks B. Kolberg (2018)
The Effects of Alcohol Priming on Age Perception and Attractiveness Ratings
Jessica Brooks, Advisor

Rain Marie Carroll (2018)
An Experimental Assessment of Empathy Compared to Perspective Taking on Minority Group Members in Intergroup Exchanges With Majority Group Members
Amy Hackney, Advisor

Lindsey Bradley (2018)
Induced Moods, Warning Messages, and Gambling Behavior
Ty Boyer, Advisor

Courtney Swank (2018)
The Effect of Religious Dress on Perceived Attractiveness and Trustworthiness.
Mike Nielsen, Advisor

Natalie Branch (2018)
The Effects of Preceding Stimuli Formats on Proportional Reasoning Ability in Elementary
School Students.
Ty Boyer, Advisor

Lindsey Bradley (2018)
Induced Moods, Warning Messages, and Gambling Behavior
Ty Boyer, Advisor

Lotte J. Pummerer (2017)
Cognitive and Emotional Processes Involved in the Experience of Objects as Holy or Transcendent
Mike Nielsen, Advisor

Donald G. Sullens (2017)
Dual Task Testing of the Adaptive Combination View in Spatial Reorientation
Kent Bodily, Advisor

Zebulon K. Bell (2017)
Examining the Effects of Enclosure Size at Training and at Test in Spatial Reorientation
Brad Sturz, Advisor

Spencer Dobbs (2017)
The Influence of Resource Scarcity and Childhood Socioeconomic Status On In-Group Inclusiveness
Dan Webster, Advisor

Addison Price (2017)
The Effect of Disability Language on the Stigmatization and Dehumanization of a Novel Disability
Karen Naufel, Advisor

Julie Odom-Dixon (2017)
The Effects of Ostracism on Seeking Social Situations as Moderated by Narcissism
Nick Holtzman, Advisor

Jason A. Parker (2017)
The Effect of Social Influence on Perception of Tornado Warnings
Larry Locker, Advisor

Emily N. Lasko (2017)
Psychopathy and the Effect of Imitation on Empathetic Pain
Amy Hackney, Advisor

Robert L. Altman (2017)
Persistence and Achievement in Academics
Janie Wilson, Advisor

Daniel A. Zuardo (2016)
Rudeness and Ego Depletion
Janie Wilson, Advisor

David Welden (2015)
Preventing and Repairing Ego Depletion Through Humor
Janie Wilson, Advisor

Sawyer, K. (2015)
Religion and Interpersonal Trust: An Individual Differences Analysis.
Mike Nielsen, Advisor

Shannon A. Summerlin Jr (2015)
The Truth About Lying: Does a Lie Cause Ego Depletion?
Janie Wilson, Advisor

Justin Ford (2015)
A Stress-Diathesis Model of Depression: Examining Self-Compassion and Savoring
Jeff Klibert, Advisor

Joseph Todd (2015)
Hypomania and the Effects of Working Memory Load on Risk-Taking
Jeff Klibert, Advisor

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