College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Kent D. Bodily, Ph.D.

Assistant Chair of Psychology Department
Comparative Learning & Cognition
Brannen Hall 1026
(912) 478-7105

Kent Bodily earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Utah State University, and received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Auburn University. His teaching interests include Research Methods, Learning and Behavior, Sensation & Perception, Evolutionary Psychology, Physiological Psychology, and History & Systems. His research focuses on developing and employing desktop-computer virtual environments (VE) in which human participants can be tested on procedures that are analogous to those used for testing non-humans. The VE methodology has allowed him to make direct, systematic replications of non-human research, and test the generality of research findings across species. His primary areas of research includes Problem Solving, Homing (a.k.a. Dead Reckoning or Path Integration), Spatial Learning, and Choice.

Last updated: 8/8/2019

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