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Advisor Information for Psychology Majors

You may find your Academic Advisor at the CBSS Advisement Center page.

Degree Information

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

Statesboro Campus:
Armstrong Campus:

All Students:

  • Course Search (link)
  • Registration Times (link)
  • Academic Calendars (link)
  • Academic Standing (link)
  • College Affordability Guide (link)

Previous Program Information:

Georgia Southern University:
  • Psychology Minor Requirements (catalog)
  • Psychology Major Requirements (pdf)
  • Psychology Major Academic Plan (pdf)
  • Psychology Course Rotation (pdf)
Armstrong State University:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • 2017 Checksheet (pdf)
    • 2008-2016 Checksheet (pdf)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    • 2017 Checksheet (pdf)
    • 2008-2016 Checklist (pdf)
  • Minors in Psychology (pdf)
  • BACB Course Sequence (link)

Last updated: 7/26/2021