Course Offerings

Psychology, Fall 2018, Tentative Course Offerings

This is a tentative list of Psychology courses to be offered in Fall 2018.

Days, Times and Rooms remain to be determined.

You may use the search bar to filter what is shown in the table. For example, typing in "armstrong" will reveal only courses to be taught at the Armstrong campus.

PSYC 11013Introduction To PsychologyARMSTRONG
PSYC 21013Careers, Ethics & ProfessionalARMSTRONG
PSYC 22313Research and Analysis IARMSTRONG
PSYC 22313Research and Analysis IARMSTRONG
PSYC 31013Abnormal PsychologyARMSTRONG
PSYC 31053Physiological PsychologyARMSTRONG
PSYC 31414Research and Analysis IIARMSTRONG
PSYC 31703Human Resource Dvlp SkillsARMSTRONG
PSYC 32343Industrial/Org. PsycARMSTRONG
PSYC 33313Child DevelopmentARMSTRONG
PSYC 34103Intro To Behavior AnalysisARMSTRONG
PSYC 34203Principles Of Behavior ChangeARMSTRONG
PSYC 35003Cognitive Neuroscience IARMSTRONG
PSYC 39001Research ExperienceARMSTRONG
PSYC 4090/40913/1Learning And Behavior/LabARMSTRONG
PSYC 4131/41323/1Research and Analysis III/LabARMSTRONG
PSYC 44303Evoluntionary PsychologyARMSTRONG
PSYC 45303History And SystemsARMSTRONG
PSYC 47403Classroom Lead PracticumARMSTRONG
PSYC 47903Senior InternshipARMSTRONG
PSYC 47913Practicum In Behavior AnalysisARMSTRONG
PSYC 5060G3Basic Beh Princip & Beh ChangeARMSTRONG
PSYC 50613Advanced Behavioral AssessmentARMSTRONG
PSYC 5061G3Adv Behavioral AssessmentARMSTRONG
PSYC 50623Adv Behavior Change TechniquesARMSTRONG
PSYC 11013Introduction To PsychologyLIBERTY
PSYC 31033Lifespan DevelopmentLIBERTY
PSYC 33353Personality PsychologyLIBERTY
PSYC 33353Personality PsychologyLIBERTY
PSYC 11013Introduction To PsychologyONLINE
PSYC 21013Careers, Ethics & ProfessionalONLINE
PSYC 31013Abnormal PsychologyONLINE
PSYC 31033Lifespan DevelopmentONLINE
PSYC 31063Social PsychologyONLINE
PSYC 32323Psychology Of GenderONLINE
PSYC 32363Substance AbuseONLINE
PSYC 11013Introduction To PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 21013Careers, Ethics & ProfessionalSTATESBORO
PSYC 22313Research and Analysis ISTATESBORO
PSYC 31013Abnormal PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 31023Cognitive PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 31033Lifespan DevelopmentSTATESBORO
PSYC 31053Physiological PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 31063Social PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 31414Research and Analysis IISTATESBORO
PSYC 32313Psychology Of ReligionSTATESBORO
PSYC 32353Behavior ModificationSTATESBORO
PSYC 32373Psyc. Of Human SexualitySTATESBORO
PSYC 33353Personality PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 33393Older Adult DevelopmentSTATESBORO
PSYC 39001Research ExperienceSTATESBORO
PSYC 41313Research and Analysis IIISTATESBORO
PSYC 41434Senior ResearchSTATESBORO
PSYC 44303Evolutionary PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 44343Animal BehaviorSTATESBORO
PSYC 44363Theories Of PsychotherapySTATESBORO
PSYC 45303History And SystemsSTATESBORO
PSYC 46303Senior SeminarSTATESBORO
PSYC 47903Senior InternshipSTATESBORO
PSYC 71111SupervisionSTATESBORO
PSYC 71303Statistics For PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 71323Advanced LearningSTATESBORO
PSYC 71333Affective And Cognitive PsychSTATESBORO
PSYC 72313Assmt I: Psychometric TheorySTATESBORO
PSYC 72323Found. Of Psychotherapy ISTATESBORO
PSYC 72373Psychotherapy Skills ISTATESBORO
PSYC 73313Adv. Developmental PsySTATESBORO
PSYC 73323Advanced Social PsychologySTATESBORO
PSYC 73353Assmt Iii: Personality AssmtSTATESBORO
PSYC 76101Research SeminarSTATESBORO
PSYC 76333Psy Skills III: Child And FamSTATESBORO
PSYC 91303Professional DevelopmentSTATESBORO
PSYC 93313PsychopharmacologySTATESBORO
PSYC 97111Pre-Doctoral Internship ISTATESBORO
PSYC 97131Pre-Doctoral Internship IIISTATESBORO
PSYC 99993DissertationSTATESBORO
PSYC 48323Dir. Empirical ReviewTBA
PSYC 48414Directed Research ProjectTBA

Last updated: 3/23/2018

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