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The Difference Between International Studies Programs

Which one is for you?

International Studies involves the interrelationships among societies that focus on international relations, global and development issues, and contemporary belief systems. Students become highly proficient in understanding global affairs through studying the culture, history, and political economy of regions outside the United States. You will also acquire a second language and experience another culture by studying or working abroad.

A related field, international relations encompasses learning real-world perspectives from a broad range of disciplines that focus on issues that go beyond our national boundaries. This discipline focuses on the study between various entities in the international arena, including the relations between states and relations between different organizations.

International Trade plays an integral role in the import and export of goods and services to and from the United States. Those who decide to earn a degree in international trade should consider exploring specializing in sales and finance, foreign languages and regulatory compliance.

Similarly, international business is concerned with how organizations involve themselves in the complex and changeable international environment. This area focuses more on learning how to serve customers in international markets, and includes topics such as strategic planning, government relations, and policy analysis.

Explore the field that intrigues you to earn a degree that matches your goals.


Last updated: 10/9/2017