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Political Science Club


The Department offers several scholarships. These scholarships have different application procedures and deadlines. For information regarding these scholarships, please contact the Chair of the Political Science Department to determine the application procedure and deadlines.

Scholarship Criteria
Bo and Gloria Ginn Scholarship (3269) Internship: Available for students who are residents of Georgia and accepted into the Department’s internship program. Students must agree to intern with a member of the Georgia Congressional delegation in Washington D.C.
Senator Paul D. Coverdell Memorial Scholarship (0663) Student must be accepted into the Department’s internship program and agree to intern with a Georgia member of Congress for a summer internship.
Ron Pye Alumni Scholarship (0653) First preference shall go to a female student in the Department who is a single mother of a child under the age of 18. Second preference shall go to any female student in the Department. Third preference shall go to any major. Students may be at any class level with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
John H. Daily Political Science Scholarship (3356) Applicants must be a beginning graduate student, regularly admitted to a graduate program in the Department, and for whom at least two years have passed since being awarded an undergraduate degree. The award of the scholarship will make a great economic difference between being able or unable to begin graduate school. The student must have high academic credentials.
G. Lane and Christine S. Van Tassell Scholarship (3482) Award should be given to students pursuing a degree in Political Science. The award may be given to outstanding seniors or to graduate level students.


Last updated: 3/11/2020