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  • Concentration in Global Securities Studies by Dr José de Arimateia da Cruz
  • da Cruz, José de Arimatéia and Howard, Travis D. (2021) “Smart Cities: Harnessing Regional Innovation Networks and Global Collaborations,” International Journal of Security Studies & Practice: Vol. 1: Issue 1 , Article 1.
  • Available at:
  • Dr José de Arimateia da Cruz has been elected President of the Savannah Council on World Affairs. MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Savannah Council on World Affairs (SCWA) is to foster individual awareness of, broaden community interest in, and promote the study of international issues, and to work with other organizations concerned with similar objectives. SYNOPSIS OF OUR COUNCIL
    Founded in 1984, The Savannah Council on World Affairs is one of 83 US councils with approximately 80,000 members affiliated with the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA), established in 1918. Membership is open to everyone interested in the Savannah Council’s mission and programs. Many people in our community find membership in our organization to be a valuable asset for a deeper understanding of international affairs.
  • Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No. 33: Brazilian Gangs ( Gangs ) Wage Urban Bank Raids in a New ‘ Cangaço ‘  available at  John P. Sullivan, José de Arimatéia da Cruz, and Robert J. Bunker
  • Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No. 32: Militias ( Militias ) Surpass Gangs ( Gangs ) in Territorial Control in Rio de Janeiro  available at John P. Sullivan, José de Arimatéia da Cruz, and Robert J. Bunker
  • Please join us in congratulating Dr. José de Arimatéia da Cruz. José has two new articles just published regarding COVID-19 (see below). He also has another article coming out on Public Health Diplomacy and a book chapter with colleagues in Sweden.
  • Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) research professors and faculty consider the COVID-19 pandemic and its long-term, strategic implications for the U.S. Army and national security. Each essay provides anindependent, specialized view on a particular aspect of the challenges posed by COVID-19 and includes recommendations on how the Army and DoD
    should address those issues:…/COVID-19-and-Brazil_da-Cru…
  • John P. Sullivan, Robert J. Bunker, and José de Arimatéia da Cruz, “Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No. 30: Traficante Evangélico (Evangelical Trafficker) Creates “Complexo de Israel” Using Confessional Violence to Consolidate Control in Five Rio Favelas,” Published
    08/04/2020 available at…/third-generation-gangs-strat…

Last updated: 2/3/2022