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International Studies

A Bachelor of Arts Degree Program

International Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program emphasizing global awareness and foreign language skills as preparation for careers in international service or international business.  Its multifaceted curriculum is designed to introduce you to the complex cultural, socioeconomic, and geopolitical realities of today’s world and to foster analytical thinking paired with effective communication in a foreign language of your choice. You can choose one emphasis from the following:

  • Modernization, development, and Environment
  • War and Peace Studies
  • Society, Cultures, and Tradition

International Studies majors become highly proficient in understanding global affairs through studying the culture, history, and political economy of the regions outside the United States. You will also acquire a second language and experience another culture by studying abroad.

Opportunities Beyond The University

With these skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Foreign Languages
  • Independence
  • Sensitivity
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Listening

With This Experience:

  • Analyze Societal Concepts
  • Engage in Cultural Immersion
  • Research Traditions
  • Adapt Different Worldviews
  • Meet New People and Ideas
  • Plan and Design Public Projects
  • Lead Discussions and Debates
  • Undergo an Internship
  • Partake in Community Service
  • Develop Global Policies

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Last updated: 2/24/2022