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Jamie E. Scalera

Scalera_JamieDr. Jamie E. Scalera
Assistant Professor

Professor Scalera received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012 and has been a faculty member at Georgia Southern since Fall 2012. She teaches and researches in the field of International Relations, with a general focus on international organizations and international political economy. Scalera’s research has been presented at annual conferences for the American Political Science Association, the International Studies Association, the International Political Economy Society, and the Midwest Political Science Association.  More recently, her research has been published in the journal International Organization. She is currently working on several projects that examine the process of accession to international organizations and the impact of membership on member-states.

Research and Teaching Interests: international relations, international organizations, international political economy, European Union politics

Selected Research: 

Scalera, Jamie E. (2017)  Negotiating Membership in the WTO and EU: The Politics of Accession. London: Routledge Publishing (ISBN: 978-1-4724-8857-2).

Dixon, Melissa D. and Scalera, Jamie E. (2016) “Optimism in Independence: The European Central Bank after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis” Forthcoming at Papers & Publications: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research

Scalera, Jamie E. and Dixon, Melissa D. (2016) “Crisis of Confidence: The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Public Trust in the European Central Bank” European Politics and Society 17(3): pgs 388-400.  DOI:10.1080/23745118.2016.1168970

Farmer, James W. and Scalera, Jamie E. (2014) “Are There Cracks in the Democratic Peace?” Papers & Publications: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research 3(1): Article 7.

Allee, Todd L. and Scalera, Jamie E. (2012). “The Divergent Effects of Joining International Organizations: Trade Gains and the Rigors of WTO Accession” International Organization 66: 243-276.

“The Domestic Political Implications of Accession to the WTO,” working paper

“Enlargement and Immigration in the European Union: The promises and challenges of the free movement of peoples,” working paper

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