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Christopher Brown

Dr. Christopher M. Brown


Dr. Brown earned his Ph.D. from Florida International University’s School of International and Public Affairs in Miami, Florida in 2009. He teaches and researches in the discipline of International Studies, specializing in democratization and democratic theory.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Dr. Brown attended University of Florida and Temple University where he pursued his BA in Political Science as student-athlete in the sport of rugby. His research addresses normative issues of democratization and democracy theory broadly with a regional specialization in the Caribbean Basin. He has recently completed a manuscript on “Democratic Purgatory” and how democracies can break down through democratic means. Currently, he is beginning a new project on the concept of “verisimilitude” as an artifact of post-materialist civic engagement in advanced democracies as well as continuing his research into the intersection of sports and conflict resolution through an examination of Irish Rugby.

Research and Teaching Interests: Democratization, Comparative Politics, Development, Democratic and Political Theory, International Relations Theory, Politics of the Developing World, Security Studies and US Foreign Policy, Sports and Conflict Resolution.

Last updated: 1/26/2023