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E Pluribus Unum: Diversity in Action

Showcasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Texts and Activities

Text Worth Reading and Teaching – What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

Text Worth Reading and TeachingThe Left Hand of Darkness

INTS 3130 Contemporary World Cultures

Student & Alumni Focus

Culture & Transformation Lead
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“My International Studies degree focused on culture and society. I learned new languages, food, daily practices and ways of life that most people would have to travel the world to experience. It’s what helped me identify my passion for not only different cultures, but people in general. You are immersed into a community to understand and recognize people’s differences, appreciate them and ultimately celebrate them in ways where everyone involved is understood. After stepping into the corporate world, I wanted to bring the same experiences and understanding to my team members, too.” – Alexis Hodges (INTS 2016)

Enrollment Services Representative
Georgia Southern University

“International studies broadened my horizons and taught me that it’s okay not to understand or relate to everything. We are simply striving to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange.” – Elizabeth Leone (INTS 2019)

Director of Communications & Public Relations
Tormenta FC Soccer Club

“My INTS degree prepared me to work in a diverse environment and to have a better understanding of how different cultures interact, especially with my background in Spanish. My study abroad trips to Argentina and Ireland also gave a broader perspective of the world and of different cultures.” – Bernadette O’Donnell (INTS 2018)

Communications Specialist
PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center

“The skills that have aided me the most in my professional career are the ability to think critically, find credible information quickly (research), and write professionally. The INTS program provided me a foundation in each one of these, which allowed me the ability to transition between a few different careers relatively seamlessly.” – Kate Govaars (INTS 2006)

Leadership Program (LeaP) Associate
CoreLogic – Dallas, TX

“The International Studies program made me much better at operating in an international environment and made me more aware of other cultures compared to my peers. The INTS program has given me tools to deal with cultural exchanges and building relationships across cultures. International Studies and Political Science do a great job about teaching how the world works.” – Jonathan Quintyne (INTS 2015)

Client Services Assistant
International Rescue Committee

“Because of the knowledge I obtained from the International Studies coursework, I can understand small cultural differences that allows me to communicate better with clients.” – Jasmine Parker (INTS 2017)

Project Assistant
St. Croix Environmental Association

“The international studies degree gave me a lot of practical skills but I would say that the biggest one would be intercultural competency so that I could work with lots of different people. The degree broadened my perspectives and horizons where I can succeed in many fields.” – Sophie Cook (INTS 2015)

Senior Expert Coorinator
Hapag-Lloyd (America) LLC.

“Georgia Southern really focuses on cross cultural communication… getting acquainted with how to navigate cross cultural barriers was my main take away from the program.” – Nicole Puckett (INTS 2015)

Communications Director for Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Energy Installations and Environment at the Pentagon

“The international studies degree is a great thing. I was even able to finish my studies in China which later helped me to consider the Chinese perspective when I was working in Congress. When working on policy, the INTS degree helps you look at things from every angle.” – Megan Prangley (INTS 2019)

Foreign Service Officer
US Department of State

“There were a lot of courses that helped me throughout my time at Georgia Southern. For me, personally, I loved all of the courses dealing with ethnicity, internal conflicts within states, and classes dealing with security issues. After this program, you should have knowledge of how the world works and how to deal with people from different backgrounds. Every day, I interact with people from diverse backgrounds and places.” – Tony Hudson (INTS 2017)

Bilingual Outreach and Client Engagement Coordinator
Ventures Business Development Services

“INTS fosters people who can step into the role of the voices we need right now. The program encourages self awareness and an awareness of others. If we learn to understand, communicate, and see each other authentically, we can do anything. We fit into any field with the skills of being able to recognize bridges between people and working to nurture them. What you learn during these short years will take you anywhere you want to go.” – María Alejandra Amiel Torrelio (INTS 2017)

Last updated: 7/26/2023