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Department of Political Science and International Studies

Are you intrigued by the mechanisms of political systems, international relations, and the impact of policy decisions? Interested in the role of political theory in shaping societies? Unlock the complexities of governance and global relations by pursuing a degree in Political Science or International Studies!

Our faculty, including nationally and internationally recognized scholars, are at the forefront of research in American politics, international relations, political theory, and comparative politics. They have been honored with numerous awards for their teaching, research, and service to the discipline.

Our Department offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a minor in Political Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. These programs are designed to equip you with a deep understanding of political systems and processes, preparing you for a variety of career paths.

In addition, we are proud participants in the Master of Arts in Social Sciences program. This collaborative effort brings together faculty from Anthropology, International Studies, Political Science, and Sociology, offering students an interdisciplinary understanding of social sciences. We are proud to offer a concentration that emphasizes democracy and global justice.

Join us and become part of a tradition of excellence in political science and international studies. Our faculty and students work together to create a vibrant academic community where intellectual curiosity and practical application meet. Your journey towards a rewarding career in politics and international relations begins here.