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MASS Students Present Research at Academy for Criminal Justice Sciences Conference

Several graduate students in the Master of Arts in Social Sciences program, with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Criminology, presented their research in collaboration with faculty mentors at the national Academy for Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) conference in Orlando, Florida March 3-7.

Justin Hoyle

Justin Hoyle in collaboration with Drs. Bryan Miller and John Stogner (UNC-Charlotte) presented the paper “Exploring Predictors of Self-reported DUIs in a Young Adult Population.” This study tested competing theories to examine predictors of self-reported buzzed and drunk driving.

Shanna Felix, along with Dr. Chad Posick, presented preliminary results from their multi-method process and program study of a rural-based CASA program in their talk “Understanding the CASA Process – Addressing the Needs of Neglected and Abused Adolescents in Rural Areas.”

Kelley Hartman, working with Drs. Laura Agnich, Christina Policastro, and Laurie Gould presented “Sex Differences in the Likelihood to Endorse Bystander Intervention Strategies among a Sample of University Students.” This research found that young male students may be less likely to intervene in potential cases of sexual assault.

Jack Lightfoot collaborated with Dr. Laurie Gould on, “Exploring the Emergence of the Islamic State: A Case Study”

Joseph Bacot

Joseph Bacot presented, “Reentry and Relapse: An Examination of the Causes and Correlates of Desistance from Crime,” which discussed preliminary findings from his thesis research.


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