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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Eisenhart

Emily Eisenhart

Emily Eisenhart (MASS ’11) graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Journalism from UGA in 2007 then went on to complete her M.A.S.S. degree and thesis with a concentration in Sociology at Georgia Southern University. Upon graduation, Ms. Eisenhart began working as the Director of the Center for Addiction Recovery in the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health at Georgia Southern.

The Center for Addiction Recovery’s mission is to provide services to the local substance-use disorder recovery population and to educate students, researchers, clinicians, and the rural community about the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction and the process of recovery. Ms. Eisenhart has been the Director of the Center for over two years and is also enrolled in the doctoral program in the field of Community Health Behavior and Education at JPHCOPH.

She credits her professors in the Sociology and Anthropology department with teaching her how to think critically about social problems and how to conduct research that leads to empirical findings that can translate into interventions that help to alleviate health disparities.

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