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Eloise Pitt – Senior Lecturer

Internship Coordinator

Statesboro Campus

Phone: (912) 478-8007


Curriculum Vitae


Ms. Eloise Pitt was born in North Carolina with a military family background. Her work experience consists of Public Sector Dept. of Corrections in North Carolina and Private sector Juvenile Justice System in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Her interests have always been working with Juveniles in Intervention and Reentry Programs that contribute to reuniting youth back in the communities and back home with their families.

She has worked in Higher Education since 2003 and it is her goal to contribute to student success by realizing that education should be a positive experience and relate to real life experiences in each students’ life. Ms. Pitt’s philosophy is that higher education must go beyond simply passing on information. It should involve rigorous training in the methods of developing, analyzing, and communicating, new knowledge and staying abreast of current events. For many students, the most powerful lessons are learned in informal discussions, working through problems and engaging in real life practices. The goal of her teaching, and center of her teaching philosophy, is active learning.


M.A., Public Administration/ Human Resource Management (2007)
Kentucky State University

B.S., Therapeutic Recreation (1988)
East Carolina University

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Universal Justice, Criminology, and Criminal Behavior

Last updated: 10/11/2021