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Internship Showcase

Please take a moment to read about the experience of one of our outstanding Criminal Justice and Criminology Interns, Ashante Hill.

“This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with the Chatham County District Attorney’s Victim Witness Assistance Program. During my time here, I was assigned to work with victims that ranged from minor crimes of theft to major crimes such as murder. I chose this internship because it is my hope to one day work for the FBI. One thing I truly admire about this program is, with this being my first exposure to a courtroom, everyone I came in contact with was very patient and kind. They took the time to explain anything I did not understand and how each process works from beginning to end. I was unaware of how much work goes into one case, let alone handling dozens each day. I was required to attend recorder’s court which consisted of misdemeanor crimes from simple assault to domestic violence and trials were of the more serious crimes. Going to trials was very interesting to hear everyone involved giving their testimonies from their point of views. From that, I have also learned how to keep a great deed of professionalism in the event that I have to appear in court for my career one day. I will admit that during my first trial, it tested my emotions because I got too invested. After seeing those who I worked with hold their composure, I quickly realized that there is a job to be done and I cannot get my feelings involved. All in all, it was a great opportunity and I enjoyed my experience.”

Chatham County District Attorney’s Office


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