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Ocean City PD Hiring: Public Safety Aide

The Ocean City Police Department is hiring for the position of “Public Safety Aide“.

Public safety aides are utilized as civilian staff within the Patrol and Support Services Divisions. Generally, Public Safety Aides are deployed in the areas of Arrest and Detention, Parking Enforcement, or support to Patrol Operations.

Public Safety Aides assigned to Arrest and Detention are responsible for processing and custody of detainees, safety and security of the Public Safety facility, interaction with the general public and the courts.

Public Safety Aides assigned to Parking Enforcement duties address Town parking regulations to include issuing citations for prohibited parking and meter violations as well as vehicle tows from public streets.

Public Safety Aides assigned to Patrol Operations handle traffic control, assist with transportation of arrestees, public safety needs at special events, and the enforcement of civil violations.

Minimum Qualifications
High School Diploma or GED recognized by the Maryland Board of Education or able to produce such by June 1 of the year of employment
17 ½ years of age at the time of employment
Valid driver’s license with a satisfactory driving record
United States Citizen

Medical Requirements
Good physical and mental condition
Vision correctable to 20/20 with the ability to recognize basic colors

Pay Rate
$12.65 per hour (includes during Academy)

Candidates must successfully complete a written examination, structured interview, background investigation, medical examination. Public Safety Aide positions are available for both full-time and seasonal employment.


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