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GS Criminal Justice Professor Published!

Congratulations to Georgia Southern Criminal Justice and Criminology Associate Professor, Dr. Laurie Gould, on her co-edited publication!!

The Routledge Handbook on American Prisons edited by Laurie A. Gould and John J. Brent will be released for publication November 2, 2020.

With contributions from leading correctional scholars in the U.S., the volume covers the evolution of prisons in the United States, and then explores the key issues fundamental to understanding the U.S. prison system, including the characteristics of facilities, inmate risk assessment and classification, prison administration and employment, for-profit prisons, special populations, overcrowding, prison health care, prison violence, the special circumstances of death row prisoners, collateral consequences of incarceration, prison programming, and parole. The final section examines reform efforts and ideas and offers suggestions for future research and attention. 


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