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Join Us Tomorrow For Dr. Daigle’s Presentation Of Her Work Regarding Recurring Victimization

Recent research confirms that people who are victimized once are at greater risk of experiencing a subsequent victimization than those who have not been victimized. The reasons of this risk of recurring victimization are beginning to be studied both theoretically and empirically. In so doing, two sets of factors are thought to be tied to recurring victimization – event-specific factors and individual-level factors. This talk discussed a set of individual-level, biopsychosocial factors that have been discovered to increase the risk for recurring victimization. That is, generic alleles (Daigle, 2008), head injury (Daigle & Harris, 2018), fear conditioning (Chen & Daigle, working paper), and psychopathy (Daigle &Teasdale, forthcoming) have been shown to increase risk for recurring victimization. The results of these studies and how they can be used to inform prevention as well as future research are discussed.


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