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Assistant Professor Published In And Guest Editor For Special Issue of Academic Journal: Victims & Offenders

Assistant professor for Georgia Southern’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Dr. Amanda Graham, was a guest editor for this special issue of the Taylor and Francis Group journal, Victims and Offenders on Crime and Justice in the Trump Era.

She, along with her co-authors Ronen Ziv and Liqun Cao, also had her article “America First? Trump, Crime, and Justice Internationally” published in the open access issue.


“America First,” as presented by President Trump, argues for an international strategy that persistently places America’s interests above those of anyone or anything else. Consequently, Trump has reshaped the international perceptions of the United States and has created more difficulties for the U.S. in coordinating of global leaders in resolving complex issues in the world. This essay reflects on how Trump and the United States are viewed internationally, the impacts of Trump’s anti-immigrant and pro-White nationalist rhetoric, Trump’s responses to humanitarian crises around the globe, and the potential impact of Trump’s stance on global climate change. Given these considerations, it is questionable whether “America First” policy has made “America Great Again” in the eyes of the world.


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