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L.O.V.E. Is The Answer Workshop Offered On The GS Armstrong Campus

Images from previous L.O.V.E. Is The Answer workshops

The ultimate workshop for improving police-community relations to be held on Georgia Southern’s Armstrong Campus in Savannah, GA on October 22, 2019 from 9 AM to 2 PM.

The L.O.V.E. Is The Answer Workshop is an innovative one-of-a-kind full-day personal development experience. The workshop begins with excerpts of the film “Walking While Black: L.O.V.E. IS The Answer” and then goes into a deep dive into the Aloha-inspired L.O.V.E. Is The Answer principles that made the film a hit. One of the strengths of the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer workshop is that police and community members, including students, learn and grow together — not on separate islands. They learn how to become “Ohana” — family. This workshop will not only save lives, it will enhance them.

The L.O.V.E. acronym includes four action steps we are teaching, best explained through the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer pledge: I pledge to LEARN about the people in my community, to unconditionally OPEN my heart to their needs as if they were all immediate family members, to VOLUNTEER to be part of the solution in their life during both good and challenging times, and to EMPOWER everyone I meet to do the same as if our lives depended on each other. These principles are for everyone and can be used at work, at school and everywhere else.

Please RSVP by completing this form by Monday, October 7, 2019.

The L.O.V.E. Is The Answer Workshop Agenda

  • 9:00 AM — Opening remarks by host and facilitators. Survey. Participant introductions (name, location, title, one unusual/strange/funny thing about yourself).
  • 9:20 AM — Intro to the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer principles by facilitators
  • 10:00 AM — Break
  • 10:10 AM — WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer film plays
  • 11:40 AM — Open discussion about the film experience (with individuals taking breaks as needed)
  • 12:00 PM — Wellness break with movement and breathing
  • 12:10 PM — Working lunch, Small groups work through a series of questions and action steps that reinforce the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer principles (with individuals taking breaks as needed).
  • 1:00 PM — Small groups present their key findings and action step plans to the overall group (3-4 minutes each) with comments by facilitators
  • 1:45 PM — Closing remarks by facilitators and exit survey
  • 1:50 PM — Ohana Circle of Gratitude
  • 2:00 PM — End

  • 2:00-5:00 PM — Facilitators available for Q&A, and individual/small group consultation and action step planning


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