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Congratulations to Alumnus Officer Reese for receiving the Statesboro P.D. Office Spotlight

Congratulations to Officer Cameron Reese for receiving the Officer Spotlight last Friday from the Statesboro Police Department!

Cameron has 1 year of service with the Statesboro Police Department and his favorite parts of the job are meeting new people, new experiences daily, and getting to help others.

Cameron originally hails from Macon, GA. Police officer is actually his 3rd public safety career. He previously served as a firefighter and as an EMT, and maintains his certification in both. Cameron and his fiancé, fellow officer Katie, have been together for almost 3 years. They have two dogs, Maya and Ollie (aka the proposal puppy). Cameron’s favorite movie is O Brother Where Art Thou and his favorite food is hot wings. When he is an off duty police officer, he is usually an on duty firefighter with the Bulloch County Fire Department.

Captain Kaleb Moore says of Cameron, “Officer Cameron Reese came to the Statesboro Police Department in December 2017. Prior to that he was serving as a Fireman with the Statesboro Fire Department. During my visits to the fire station, Cameron would constantly ask questions about being a police officer. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Cameron made the walk across the street and joined us here at the Statesboro Police Department. Cameron still serves as a volunteer firefighter. He has aspirations of becoming a Motorcycle Patrolman. Cameron is known through the department as Mr. Public Safety for his passion to serve the community in any way he can. We are very proud to have Cameron on our team and see what he grows into.”

Photo of Cameron Reese in Uniform

Officer Reese and his fiance, fellow officer Katie

Cameron Reese and fellow officer


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