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GS Criminal Justice Professor Interviewed by WTOC 11 News

Dr. Chad Posick of Georgia Southern University’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology and the Savannah Violence Intervention Program was interviewed by WTOC 11 News regarding the recent double murder of Savannah Police Department officer, Corporal Luis Molina, and his wife, Akina Molina, on Wilmington Island earlier this week. When asked about the toll that processing a scene like this takes on those involved, he had this to say, “It takes a huge toll. Processing any scene, it has it’s own traumas. But something of this nature, that tends to be this violent, is certainly impactful on officers and anyone else that processes the scene. As human beings, its is impossible to compartmentalize completely.”

More details about the crime committed, victims, and Dr. Posick’s interview are available on the WTOC website.


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