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Criminal Justice and Criminology Faculty Publish their Research

Dr. Laura Agnich and Dr. Bryan Miller, in collaboration with Dr. John Stogner (University of North Carolina) and Dr. David Khey (University of Louisiana), had their article “They Were Getting High on What? Evaluating Novel Psychoactive Drug (NPD) Knowledge among Practitioners” published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice. Their work assesses the knowledge of NPD help by various practitioners and found the need for greater awareness, knowledge, training, and prevention programs.

Dr. John J. Brent recently had his article “Placing the Criminalization of School Discipline in Economic Context” published in the journal Punishment and Society. Working in area of discipline, punishment, and political-economy, his research finds that school discipline mirrors and perpetuates larger economic conditions, such as: changes in the post-industrial labor market, federal incentive prioritizing security, tightening financial resources, and the criminalization of the youth consumer economy.

Dr. John J. Brent, in collaboration with Dr. Thomas J. Mowen (University of Wyoming) recently had their article “School Discipline as a Turning Point: The Cumulative Effect of Suspension of Arrest” published in the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency which stands as the third ranked journal in the field. Building on the “school-to-prison pipeline,” their research finds a cumulative effect of school discipline on arrest. Specifically, youth who are punished under punitive school policies are at an increased risk of coming into contact with the criminal justice system via arrest.


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