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Interior Design Association

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Come join our open Interior Design Association Student Org!

Interior Design Association

PurposeIDA functions to promote the Interior Design major at Georgia Southern University, to provide professional development and networking opportunities for current interior design students and alumni, and to offer opportunities for continuing education for the program’s alumni.
MembershipOpen to students with an interest in Interior Design.
ContactDr. Beth McGee (912) 478-6063 or,
Erica Bartels (912) 478-5422 or

The Interior Design Association at Georgia Southern is a recognized student organization of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Instagram: gsu.ida

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Officer Spotlight

Madi Mabe photoMadi Mabe
Hi Everyone! I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a senior in the Interior Design program here at Georgia Southern University. During my internship, I have grown to love Multi-Family design and Residential Design. While being president, I hope to bring together all of my fellow INDS students and provide as much networking as possible for every member of the IDA. I look forward to seeing everyone join and interact with the Interior Design Association at Georgia Southern!
Shannon Bullock photoShannon Bullock
Vice President
Hey everyone! My name is Shannon Bullock and I am from Bradenton, Florida. I am a senior here at Georgia Southern in the INDS program. Throughout my internship, I worked for a firm that designs and merchandises model homes and clubhouses. During my time there, I found an interest in model home design. I am also drawn to boutique restaurant and hotel interior design. I am so excited for this opportunity to serve as your VP and can’t wait to meet everyone!
Molly Groves photoMolly Groves
Hi everyone! I am from Macon, Georgia. I am a senior in the Interior Design program here at Georgia Southern University. High-end residential design is my passion! I love the possibility to get to know each client on a personal level while seeing the difference in each of their design styles. I’m looking forward to this semester being the secretary and getting to work with these officers to make IDA the best it can be!
Hailey Hawkins photoHailey Hawkins
Hi everyone! I’m from Athens, GA. I am a senior in the Interior Design program here at Georgia Southern University. I really enjoy both hospitality and residential design and would love to design vacation homes and/or hotels. I’m looking forward to working with our officers to make IDA the best experience this semester!
Caitlin Nelms photoCaitlin Nelms
Hey everyone! I am from Newnan, GA. I am a senior in the interior Design Program and plan on graduating in the spring. I enjoy residential and multi-family design, but I am leaning more toward residential design. I am super excited to start the semester and help create the best experience for all the IDA members!
Priscilla Mundy photoPriscilla Mundy
Community Service Chair
My name is Priscilla Mundy and I am from Conyers, Georgia. I am a senior here at Georgia Southern University and I am currently in the INDS program. I’ve grown to love hospitality and commercial design the most and hope to design a high-end retail store or even a mall one day. I am looking forward to networking with designers and finding great community service opportunities for our members in IDA!
Mackenzie Faulkner
Fundraising Chair
Hi everyone! I am from Zebulon, GA. I am a senior in the Interior design program. I have learned to love hospitality design this summer during my internship! I hope as fundraising chair I am able to provide amazing events for our members! I’m looking forward to a great semester with IDA!
IDA Sept 12 6pm IAB 2026, come join us for our september meeting to learn more about our fundraising community service event, and guest speaker

Last updated: 7/31/2023