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Geodesign Summit in Redlands CA

Christine Wacta and Kya Dickson (INDS student, research assistant and president of our newly
created Geospatial Student Chapter (GSC@GSU)), presented their research at
the Geodesign Summit in Redlands CA in April 2023.

The CEO of ESRI waited for them and spent 10 to 15 minutes praising them in the innovative initiative and how they did something he has not seen before using the geospatial  tools.

Dr. Wacta said “We were honored to get a “GRADE A” from Dr. Carl Steinitz (on one of the photos) a professor emeritus from Harvard who promised to send us his phd as it touches the essential topic we presented. Dr Carl is with Bill miller the two who started the Geodesign approach 14 years ago. Please do not hesitate to congratulate Kya, she was so eloquent and moved the entire crows of professionals present.”

We are so proud of you both!!!!

For more student work examples and information about the GeoDesign Student Org visit

Last updated: 5/16/2023

Seniors present at the Diversity Fair

INDS students present with PSYC students at this year’s Fair. The Fair hosts a variety of students, from undergraduate to graduates, highlighting diverse issues, with their given project centering on austim specialized room design recommendations with visual examples modeled and created through an evidence-based design process.

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Last updated: 4/18/2023

IND Field Trip to Savannah

The IDA group led students on a field trip to Savannah Friday. They were able to visit a design firm, showroom, historic houses and more!

Last updated: 4/18/2023

IDA Guest- Penny Heritage

The wonderful Penny Heritage came to take with the IDA group this month. She works for OFS as the Carolina District Sales Manager and is also the IIDA North Florida Chapter VP of Events. We appreciated your time and sharing with the students!

Last updated: 4/18/2023

Upcoming IDA events

Don’t miss the fabulous Penny Heritage from OFS at the Tuesday 6pm meeting! The Savannah Tour on the 24th is also a must experience event.

Please share with your friends to come out to the Bake Sale on the 27th in the Rotunda and for Trivia Night on the 29th.

Last updated: 4/18/2023