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Required Major Course Descriptions

For additional information on core courses, other courses offered at Georgia Southern University and important information on prerequisites and co-requisites for the courses listed below, please see the most recent catalog

INDS 2327-Digital Presentation & Communication
3-dimensional modeling and digital rendering techniques through the use of current industry standard software. Study and research of appropriate professional presentation methods.

INDS 2430-Design Appreciation
A general introduction to the principles and elements of design as they relate to the built environment. Overview of style as seen through interior furnishings and accessories. Discussion and analysis of design process, theory, and an overview of components and materials. Exploration of human factors, environmental considerations, and spatial relationships.

INDS 2435-Design Studio I
Fundamental execution of interior design problems to refine presentation skills. Includes measured and freehand perspectives, mixed media renderings, detail drawings and model buildings.

INDS 2436-Interior Materials and Systems
A study of the selection and application of materials and finishes in the design of the built environment. Introduction to building technology with an emphasis on developing an awareness of buildings and their systems. Research of resources and communication with various entities involved with the building/design process will be incorporated. Cost and quantity estimating as well as budgeting will be introduced.

INDS 3327-Interior Design CAD I
Developing student’s ability to use the computer as a drafting and modeling tool for interior design. Subjects addressed in this course will be working drawings, schedules, details, 3-D modeling, and renders. 

INDS 3238-Textiles for Interiors
Investigates the production, specifications and regulations, and serviceability of textiles for residential and commercial interiors. Emphasis on soft floor coverings, upholstered furniture, window and wall coverings, and other current developments in the textile field.

INDS 3431-History of Interiors
An integrated history of architectural styles, interiors, and their furnishings related to major global cultures as well as an emphasis on interior architecture, furniture styles, interior designers, industrial designers, architects, and accessories from the prehistoric period through of the contemporary movement.

INDS 3434-Lighting
The principles of lighting design and the impact on interior space are explored through an analysis of environmental constraints, calculations, economics, design theory, technical and aesthetical components.

INDS 3435-Design Studio II
The design planning process as it applies to the moderate scale residential interior environment. Intermediate projects utilizing design philosophy and concept development, space planning and design development to include interior architectural details, finishes, and furniture, as well as clients of diverse populations. Area of emphasis is residential incorporating universal design, kitchen planning and aging in place components.

INDS 3436-Design Studio III
The design planning process as it applies to the medium scale interior space. Intermediate projects utilizing design philosophy and concept development, schematic design, and design development which include the application of furniture, finishes, and interior architectural components and details. Research and analysis of sustainable materials, environmental systems, building codes, and diverse populations. Studio collaboration and assessment of skills through peer and external evaluation. Areas of emphasis may include hospitality, multi-residential, healthcare, adaptive reuse, and commercial.

INDS 3438-Professional Practices
Basic business principles, professional responsibility and ethics, professional organizations, client relationships, and communication techniques will be explored. The development of internship and job placement strategies and required documents as well as the study of the professional practice of interior design.

INDS 3530-Sustainable Materials
Introduction to theories of sustainability and its application to the interior built environment including sustainable interior building materials and systems. The impact of the built interior environment on global natural resources and environmental rating systems will be addressed.

INDS 4327-Interior Design CAD II
Interior design computer-aided drafting and communication course. Subjects addressed in this course include file management, and creating working drawings, schedules, and details.

INDS 4427-Interior Design Portfolio
A senior level course which allows the student to develop a professional interior design portfolio and promotional materials required for pursuing a career in the field. Students will also display their work through a senior exhibition.

INDS 4435-Design Studio IV
The design planning process as it applies to the more complex larger scale interior space. Intermediate projects utilizing design philosophy and concept development, space planning and design development to include furniture, finish and interior architectural materials, building codes, and diverse populations. Areas of emphasis may include work environments including systems, hospitality, retail, adaptive reuse, and other appropriate commercial environments.

INDS 4446-Design Studio V
A capstone course for the interior design student that will provide an advanced integrative research and design experience. Projects are complex, specific design situations that will be based on current trends in design. Areas of emphasis may include multi housing, healthcare, or socially responsible design.

INDS 4790-Interior Design Internship
A supervised summer work-study program with selected organizations which perform professional services related to the field of interior design. The internship will serve as an educational bridge between the junior level and the senior level of design studies.

TCM 3333-Building Codes

This course includes a study of codes applicable to the construction industry with emphasis on the Standard Building Code. An introduction to construction related federal regulations with an emphasis on labor related issues; construction labor unions and the collective bargaining process.

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