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Congratulations Dr. McGee

Three recent journal acceptances this year. One with the most reads of the year in Interiority.

Check out these articles:

2022 McGee, B., Jin, X., Park, N.-K., Ball, S. & Carr. A. Designers’ Perceptions of Biophilia and Testing of the Biophilic Interior Design Matrix in China. International Journal of Architectural Research. doi:10.1108/ARCH-10-2021-0279

2022 McGee, B., and Park, N. K. Color, light and materiality: Biophilic interior design presence in research and practice. Interiority 5 (1).

2022 Couillou, R., McGee, B., Carr, A., & Ball, S. Cautious Collaboration: Community & University Partnerships in the COVID-19 Era. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In publication.


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