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Sibel Dazkir

Ph.D., Oregon State University
Office: IAB Building  – Room 3069
Phone (912) 478-5808
Fax (912) 478-0276

Selected Works

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Research Interests:

Scholarship of teaching and learning” and “environment and behavior”.

Curriculum Vitae: 

CV-Sibel Dazkir, Ph.D.


 Recent Publications

Dazkir, S.S. (2018). Place Meaning, sense of belonging, and personalization among university students in Turkey. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal46 (3), 252-266. DOI:

Arslan, A.R. & Dazkir, S.S. (2017). Technical drafting and mental visualization in interior architecture educationInternational Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,11(2), Article 15. DOI:

Lee, S. & Dazkir, S. (2015). User experience and wayfinding of in an academic library. The International Journal of Visual Design, 9 (4), 13-25.

Lee, S., Dazkir, S., Paik, H. & Coskun, A. (2013). Comprehensibility of universal healthcare symbols for wayfinding in healthcare facilities. Applied Ergonomics, 45 (4), 878-885.

Dazkir, S. S., Mower, J. M., Reddy-Best, K. & Pedersen, E. L. (2013). An exploration of design students’ inspiration process. College Student Journal, 47 (2), 394-404.

Dazkir, S. S. & Read, M. A. (2012). Curvilinear and rectilinear furniture forms and their influence on our emotional responses towards interior environments. Environment and Behavior, 45 (5), 722-734. DOI: 10.1177/0013916511402063.


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