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About the School

Our Core Values
The School of Human Ecology is driven by respect, collaboration, and a commitment to
lifelong learning. We embrace diversity by striving to create an environment where
inclusion and equity are fundamental in preparing culturally responsive human service
Our Vision
The interdisciplinary School of Human Ecology strives to work collaboratively within the
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Georgia Southern University to prepare
future leaders in our diverse disciplines while meeting the evolving needs and
challenges of an increasingly global community.
Our Mission
The School of Human Ecology uses respectful collaboration to prepare future leaders
by supporting students in their pursuit of knowledge while positively impacting local,
national, and global communities. To accomplish this mission, we encourage the use of
culturally responsive pedagogy and current technology to ensure inclusive and
equitable teaching and learning experiences, as well as the advancement of our
disciplines and fields.

The School of Human Ecology has a long history of serving a diverse cross-section of the public through its programs, centers, laboratories and community involvement. The faculty share in a network of responsibility that provides students with a basis for reinterpreting the traditions of human ecology to meet the current and future challenges in their families, communities and the marketplace. At the core of instruction is the faculty’s concern for the student’s professional growth, leadership development, ethical awareness and well being as productive citizens.

Applied learning is the hallmark of all majors in human ecology. The strength of the curriculum is the multi-disciplinary foundation of each of the specialties that come together with a coordinated and integrated focus. Students will develop as professionals, providing leadership in a diverse, global marketplace which emphasizes technical, interpersonal and people management skills. The integration of the disciplines within the School of Human Ecology will empower students to enhance the well-being of individuals, families and communities.

The School of Human Ecology will:
  • develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • prepare students to apply knowledge to meet the changing needs of an increasingly technological global community;
  • enhance student learning through international internships, practicum, research and service experiences;
  • support currently successful programs and encourage the development of innovative and promising new programs and adapting them to the needs of an ever changing global workforce;
  • provide the very best faculty and professional staff support available;
  • optimize the use of technology to enhance teaching and student learning; and
  • improve the School’s facilities for all programs and centers.

Last updated: 5/31/2023