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Nikki DiGregorio

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science
Ph.D., University of Delaware
Office: IAB Building– Room 3063
Phone: 912-478-5560
Fax: 912-478-0276

Research Interests:
Gender; sexuality; social justice; scholarship of teaching and learning

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Statement

My teaching philosophy is anchored in the belief that effective pedagogy is rooted in learning. I consider this to be particularly relevant as an instructor of social sciences, as teaching has the ability to change the way both my students and I view the surrounding world.  Education that goes beyond simply fulfilling requirements and rote memorization lays the groundwork for change on personal and social levels. Good teaching not only galvanizes interest within the student and instructor alike, but also provides students with the support required to develop the skills and knowledge base necessary to cogently effectuate social change.

After having spent a number of years in higher education settings, both as a student and an instructor, I employ a foundational framework of four elements that I believe fosters student learning and engagement beyond the classroom:
(1) Create a welcoming classroom environment that invites and respects differing opinions and ideas
(2) Recognize that students are diverse in their backgrounds, biases, beliefs, as well as in their levels of understanding and motivation
(3) Awareness as an instructor of my role, both in the classroom and in community settings, and what teaching means to me as part of my identity
(4) Application of what is learned in the classroom to current community settings through a variety of methods

As I become a more experienced educator, I know that my teaching philosophy will continue to be shaped by my own learning experiences in the classroom.  However, the belief that effective teaching has the capacity to raise awareness of social issues, to foster critical thinking about social inequities, and to develop support for the communities we serve will always be at the root of my pedagogy.

Select Publications

DiGregorio, N., Rich, A., & Evans, L. (in press). Connecting the past and the future with culminating experiences in the social sciences. In M. Strawser & R. Yaure (Eds.), Interdisciplinary Approaches to Culminating Student Experiences. Vernon Press.

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Professional Affiliation/Organization

President, Family Science Association

Member, National Council on Family Relations

Member, Groves Conference on Marriage and Family

Member, American Psychological Association

Last updated: 5/26/2023