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** This page does not provide a comprehensive listing of senior services available in Pierce County. There may be services available in Pierce County that have not been included on this list. Georgia Southern University or the Center for Social Gerontology is not directly affiliated with any organization, agency, or institution listed on this page.
***Not all services are available in Pierce County. Alternative locations have been provided as close to Pierce County as possible.

For more information on services available to Seniors in Pierce County please contact the Pierce County Agency on Aging at (912) 287-5888

Southern Georgia Regional Commission
Wanda Taft, AAA Director
John L. Leonard, Executive Director
1725 South Georgia Parkway, West
Waycross, GA 31503-8958
Phone: 912.285.6097
Toll Free: 888.732.4464
Fax: 912.285.6126

Senior Services in Pierce County
Related Agencies and Organizations

Southeast Georgia Regional
Contact: (912) 285-6097
1725 S Georgia Pkwy W, Waycross, GA 31503
Service: For an extensive list please call

Department of Family and Children Services
Contact: Amy Yawn (912) 449-6624
621 Henry St., Blackshear, GA 31516
Service: For an extensive list please call

The United States Social Security Administration
Contact: 1(877) 405-3578
303 Isabella St., Waycross, GA 31501
Service: For an extensive list please call

Long Term Care Options in Pierce County
Pierce County Nursing Home 221 Carter Ave. Blackshear, GA (912)449-6631
Satilla Care Center 1600 Riverside Ave. Waycross, GA (912)283-1183

Hospice Care in Pierce County
Amedisys Home Health 203 Albany Ave (800) 822-5003
Hospice Satilla 808 Evergreen Way (912) 285-2340
Hospice of South Georgia Inc. 1625 Sunset Blvd. (912) 588-0080
Georgia Hospice Care 141 S Macon St. (912) 427-3202
Food Services
CrossView Church
Contact 709 Garlington Avenue Waycross, GA. (912)285-3483
Service: food pantry

Food Connection
Contact 3607 122nd Ave E. Edgewood (253) 826-4654
Service: food bank

Pierce County Senior Center
Contact 711 Hendry St. Blackshear, GA (912) 449-0145
Service: home delivered meals, congregate meals

Ware County Senior Center
Contact 1615 Carswell Avenue (912) 285-9800
Service: home delivered meals, congregate meals

Community Services
Experience Works Inc
600 Plant Avenue Extension (912) 449-7011
Service: Improve the lives of older people through training, community service and employment

Pierce County Public Library
785 College Ave. Blackshear, GA (912) 449-7040
Service: For an extensive list please call

Health Services
Optumhealth Pierce RSN
3315 S 23rd St (253) 292-4200
Service: Mental health

Pierce County Alliance
510 Tacoma Ave. S (253) 572-4750
Service: Alcoholism treatment

Methadone Treatment Services
3629 S D St. (253) 798-6576
Service: Drug addiction treatment

Pierce County AIDS Foundation
317 4th Ave E (360) 352-2375
Service: nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting persons living with HIV.AIDS to meet their needs for food, housing, healthcare and personal support.

Mental Health
Comprehensive Mental Health
1201 S Proctor St. (253) 396-5800
Service: private non-profit behavioral health agency developed to improve the quality of life for others

Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare
9330 59th Ave. SW (253) 581-7020
Service: for extensive list please call
Respite Care
Southern Georgia Regional Commission
Contact Wanda Taft (912) 285-6097
1725 South Georgia Parkway, West Waycross, GA
Service: assists older and/or functionally disabled consumers, their families, and caregivers in achieving safe, self-reliant lives. Provides a range of community-based services that support consumer choice to remain in the community. Call for extensive list

Transportation Services
Pierce County Transit
Contact (253) 581-8000
Very affordable fares, runs Monday through Sunday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Pierce County Road Department (912) 449-2030
Pierce County Fire Department (912) 449-2041
Waycross Fire Department (912) 287-2937
Ware County Fire Department (912) 287-4460

Police/Sheriff/Law Enforcement
Pierce County Jail (912) 449-2011
Blackshear City Police Department (912) 449-7011
Patterson Police Department (912) 647-2117
Waycross Police Department (912) 287-2921
Georgia State Patrol (912) 287-6500

Ambulance-EMS (912) 449-2002
Hospital (912) 283-3030
Poison Control 1(800) 222-1222
Crisis Line (253) 396-5180
Substance Abuse (877) 325-9879

Last updated: 11/17/2017

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