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** This page does not provide a comprehensive listing of senior services available in Bacon County. There may be services available in Bacon County that have not been included on this list. Georgia Southern University or the Center for Social Gerontology is not directly affiliated with any organization, agency, or institution listed on this page.

***Not all services are available in Bacon County. Alternative locations have been provided as close to Bacon County as possible.

Area Agency on Aging
Name: Southern Georgia Regional Commission
Contact: Wanda Taft, AAA Director
John L. Leonard, Executive Director
Address: 1725 South Georgia Parkway, West
Waycross, GA 31503-8958
Phone: (912)285-6097

Other social service providers
Name: Bacon County Health Department
Address: 101 N Wayne St, Alma, GA 31510
Phone: (912) 632-4712

Name: Department of Family and Children’s Services Bacon County DFCS
Address: 417 South Dixon Street P. O. Box 447 Alma, Georgia 31510-0447
Phone: (912) 632-8375

Long-term care facilities
Name: Twin Oaks Convalescent Center
Address: 301 S Baker St, Alma, GA 31510
Phone: (912) 632-7293
Service: The Twin Oaks Convalescent Center, an 88-bed long term care facility, is a skilled and intermediate care facility fully licensed by the State of Georgia

Name: Bacon County Hospital and Health System
Address: 302 S Wayne St, Alma, GA 31510
Phone: (912) 632-8961
Service: Bacon County Hospital and Health System, a 25-bed, general, acute care hospital, is accredited by The Joint Commission and provides adult and pediatric medical care, surgery and obstetrics

Name: Bacon County Community Care Center
Address: 204 E 15th St, Alma, GA 3151
Phone: (912) 632-2952
Service: To provide primary level family care services, including episodic and chronic illness care, and patient & family education. Emphasis is on early intervention for disease prevention and health promotion.

Name: Bacon County Hospital Rehabilitation Center
Address: 302 South Wayne Street Alma, GA 31510
Phone: 912-632-5824

Name: Bacon County Hospital Sleep Center
Address: 113 E. 15th Street Alma, GA 31510
Phone: (912) 632-8961 Ext. 1178

Transportation services
Name: Bacon County Transit
Address: 110 Jackson Circle, Alma Ga
Phone: (912) 632-6300
Website: N/A
Emergency medical services
Name: Bacon County Fire Department
Contact: Chief Bradley Taylor
Address: 307 S Dixon St
Phone: (912) 632-5151

Name: Alma City Ambulance
Address: 307 S Dixon St, Alma, GA 31510
Phone: (912) 632-8311
Website: N/A

Last updated: 11/17/2017

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