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** This page does not provide a comprehensive listing of senior services available in Atkinson County. There may be services available in Atkinson County that have not been included on this list. Georgia Southern University or the Center for Social Gerontology is not directly affiliated with any organization, agency, or institution listed on this page.

***Not all services are available in Atkinson County. Alternative locations have been provided as close to Atkinson County as possible.
Area Agency on Aging:
Southern Georgia Regional Commission
Wanda Taft, AAA Director
John L. Leonard, Executive Director
1725 South Georgia Parkway, West Waycross, GA 31503-8958
Phone: 912-285-6097
Medicaid beneficiaries- call LogistiCare 1-888-224-7985
Clients of the Division of Family and Child Services- call local office
Believe you qualify for Area Agency on Aging services – call 1-888-732-4464
Would like to schedule a trip on Public Transportation- call your local provider
Questions regarding any transportation may contact SGRC at 229-333-5277
Home Health:
Atkinson Visiting Nurses Service, INC
380 Roberts Avenue East Pearson, GA 31642
(912) 422-3293
Provides Nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and home health aide
Amedisys Home Health
203 Albany Avenue Waycross, GA 31501
(912) 285-2222
Provides nursing care, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy, medical social services, and home health aide.
Advantage Home Health
4635 New Jesup Hwy Brunswick 31520
(912) 265-8330
Provides nursing care, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy, and home health aide.
Emergency Medical Services:
Atkinson County Ambulance Service
P.O. Box 1433 Waycross, GA 31502
(912) 284-9111
Atkinson County EMS
24 Austin Ave W, Pearson, GA 31642
Emergency Dial 911
Coffee Regional Medical Center
1101 Ocilla Rd Douglas, GA 31533
(912) 384-1900
Berrien County Hospital
1221 E Mcpherson Ave, Nashville, GA 31639
(229) 543-7100
Clinch Memorial Hospital
1050 Valdosta Highway, Homerville, GA 31634
(912) 487-5211
Long-term care facilities:
Shady Acres
1310 West Gordon Street, Douglas, GA 31533
(912) 384-7811
Berrien Nursing Center
405 Laurel Ave., Nashville, GA 31639
(229) 543-7332
Clinch Healthcare
390 Sweat Street, Homerville, GA 31634
(912) 487-5328
Mental Health Services:
Unison Behavioral Health of Georgia
1007 Mary Street, PO Box 1397 Waycross, GA 31503
Provides services to link people up with adult behavioral health clinics, disability clinics, child behavioral clinics, etc.
Satilla Community Services
1007 May Street Waycross, GA 31503
(912) 449-7100
Respite Services:
Eldercare Locator
Provided through the Area Agency on Aging
Atkinson County DFCS
Natalie Howell (229) 219-1282
92 Legion Ave, Pearson, GA 31624
Respite Care in Atkinson County
Other Social Service Providers:
South Central Primary Care Center
664 Main St. N, Pearson, GA 31624
(912) 422-3131
Atkinson County DFCS
Natalie Howell (229) 219-1282
92 Legion Ave, Pearson, GA 31624

Last updated: 11/17/2017

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