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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates can utilize construction techniques to assess garment quality and fit as it relates to figure types.
  • Graduates can identify commonly used textiles and apply knowledge of textile characteristics to consumer use.
  • Graduates can relate the influences of art, economics, technology, social-psychological and political factors to the apparel industry.
  • Graduates can develop career goals with an understanding of the structure of the fashion/apparel industry.

Merchandising Emphasis

  • Graduates can promote sell, present, merchandise, demonstrate and select consumer goods at wholesale and retail levels.
  • Graduates can utilize technological resources for global interaction in designing, buying and/or selling consumer goods.

Design Emphasis

  • Graduates can utilize a variety of design techniques to communicate the functional, structural and decorative aspects of apparel
  • Graduates can understand apparel product development from sketch to ready-to-wear garment and the communication skills necessary for portfolio presentation
  • Graduates can utilize technological resources for the design and production of apparel products.

Last updated: 7/2/2019