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The center is built on the understanding that all aspects of the child’s growth and development are equally important and that children grow and develop at different rates and stages.  With play as the core of the curriculum, experiences emphasize learning as an active process.Thematic units are popular among young children and teachers alike.  Thematic curriculum helps young children achieve higher levels of learning.  Children learn by active engagement with their environment and through social engagement with other human beings. Teachers prepare the environment for children to construct knowledge through active exploration and interaction with other children, adults and developmentally appropriate materials. Learning experiences and materials are real, concrete and relevant to the lives of young children.

We use a unique curriculum, rich in cultural diversity and developmentally appropriate to the ages and stages of the children.  Each child is respected as a unique individual with his or her own rate of development. Children have opportunities to choose self-selected activities which greatly enhance their learning.

Our classrooms are designed to put the child at ease by giving them some freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials.  These materials are arranged on low shelves within easy reach of the child.

Last updated: 8/12/2019