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CBSS Prioritizes Inclusive Excellence: Our Diverse Student Population

Inclusive excellence is a fundamental goal and value of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Dean Ryan Schroeder along with the department chairs and the rest of the college’s leadership team are committed to pursuing inclusive excellence in all phase of the college’s work and activities from the classroom to outreach and research.  As a new college, we are in the process of establishing benchmarks that will help indicate and help evaluate our performance going forward. We are pleased to note that we serve a diverse student population. The demographic profile of CBSS enrolled students, undergraduate and graduate, combined, as of Fall semester, 2019 is as follows:

COLLEGE                                              UNIVERSITY
White                      56%                      60%
African-American 29%                        25%
Latinx                          9%                        7%
Asian                           1%                        3%
Other                         5%                         5%

Our goal in the years ahead will be to continue to be a college that attracts and nurtures a diverse student body and provides high impact opportunities and experiential learning for all of our students. CBSS will be a gateway to success for all students and as a college we will remain committed to developing curriculum that both teaches ad practices inclusive excellence.



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