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Departments Participate in STEMFest

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology along with other departments in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences shared various hands-on activities from their disciplines with the community and students at STEMFest last week. STEMFest was hosted by the Institute of Interdisciplinary STEM Education (i2STEMe) at the Nessmith-Lane Conference Center on the Statesboro Campus.

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology presented on topics such as cultural anthropology, physical and biological anthropology and sustainable seafood.

Attendees were able to view and touch items such as fossils, bones, hand-made pinch pots and skeletons.

The goal of STEMFest is to host an interactive event that gets PK-12 students and their parents excited about STEM education. Activities include a mobile innovation lab, launching Alka-seltzer rockets, archaeology projects, robotics, making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and more.


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