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Program Maps

Listed by Department/School (catalog year 2021-2022)

Statesboro Campus – S               Armstrong – A

Criminal Justice & Criminology
Program Map
B.S. Criminal Justice & Criminology (S/A) pdf
B.S. Criminal Justice & Criminology – CyberCrime (A) pdf
Political Science & International Studies
Program Map
B.A. International Studies (S/A) pdf
B.S. International Trade (S) pdf
B.A. Political Science (S/A) pdf
Program Map
B.S. Psychology – Comprehensive (S) pdf
B.S. Psychology – Experimental (A) pdf
B.A. Psychology (A) pdf
Sociology & Anthropology
Program Map
B.A. Anthropology – Field Experience track (S) pdf
B.A. Anthropology – Four Field track (S) pdf
B.A. Anthropology – Internship track (S) pdf
B.S. Sociology (S/A) pdf
B.S. Sociology – Social Service Emphasis (S) pdf
Human Ecology
Program Map
B.S. Child & Family Development – Child Development (S) pdf
B.S. Child & Family Development – Child Life (S) pdf
B.S. Child & Family Development – Family Services (S) pdf
B.S. Child & Family Development- Birth to Kindergarten Cert. (A) pdf
B.S. Child & Family Development- Birth to Kindergarten Non Cert. (A) pdf
B.S. Interior Design (S) pdf
B.S. Recreation – Outdoor Recreation (S) pdf
B.S. Recreation – Recreational Therapy (S) pdf
B.S. Recreation – Tourism and Community Leisure Services (S) pdf
B.S. Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design – Design (S) pdf
 B.S. Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design – Merchandising (S) pdf
Program Map
Undeclared/Exploratory pdf

*To request curriculum information prior to catalog year 2020-2021, contact the CBSS Advisement Center at (912) 478-6901.

Last updated: 8/26/2021