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CBSS Awards

2021 Award Recipients

Award of Distinction: Research

Dr. Jennifer Sweeney-Tookes

  • Qualitative research focuses on food, food producers, human health, and fishing communities
  • Five articles since 2020
    • Including Human Organization 
  • $1.05 million received while at Georgia Southern

Award of Distinction: Teaching

Dr. Candice Bodkin

  • Class activities that provides experiential learning and contribute to the community 
    • Students conduct diversity audits for Departments in CBSS
    • “Students created and  maintained a list of local, state, and federal resources for residents … which was shared with local governments and nonprofit organizations”

“inspires her students to see the real-world relevance of course content,  facilitates understanding of “the big picture” of how various seemingly unrelated courses fit  together, and supports students in becoming independent learners and ultimately successful  professionals.”

Award of Distinction: Service

Dr. Alice Hall

  • Chaired the CBSS Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)
  • Child and Family Development (CHFD) Program Coordinator
  • Faculty advisor for the CHFD Club
  • Board of Directors for the Teal House
  • Georgia Professional Standards Commission Montessori Certification Task Force
  • Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Workforce Knowledge and Competencies Work  Group
  • Interim Director of the Child Development Center 
    • October 2018 to February 2019 
    • February 2020 to May 2020

Award of Excellence

Dr. Nalanda Roy

  • 24 articles and four books published
    • Bitter Moments- The Story of Indonesian Fragmentation
    • The South China Sea Dispute: Past, Present, and Future
    • Exploring the Tripod: Immigration, Security, and Economy in the Post 9/11 United States
    • Navigating Uncertainty in the South China Sea Disputes: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • A fifth book under contract with Routledge
  • 2020-2021 Visiting Research Scholar for the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR), at Rutgers University 
  • Office of Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellow
  • Coordinator of the Asian Studies minor program 
  • Associate editor for the Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs
  • Numerous Editorial Boards
  • Board of Directors, Greater Savannah International Alliance,
  • Has taught 17 distinct courses

Career Award

Dr. Amy Hackney

  • Faculty member at Georgia Southern since 2003
  • 25 articles and book chapters contributing to the literature on social psychology, psychopathology, and the law.
    • including Journal of the American Medical Association and Law and Human Behavior.
  • Over $60,000 in support in grants and contracts over the past several years
  • Director of M.S. Program in Experimental Psychology
  • Psychology Honors Coordinator for University Honors Program (2010-May, 2020)
  • Supervised 18 Undergraduate Honors Theses,  19 MA Theses, and three Doctoral Dissertations, nine student co-authors
    •  MA students placed at Duke University, the University of Delaware, and IUPUI, University of Florida, Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • “has a keen ability to shape her mentees’ critical thinking skills, writing, and oral communication skills.  Her students, who often enter the program shy and inexperienced, graduate our program with astounding public speaking skills and curriculum vitas that are comparable to an early career faculty member’s vita.” 

“has a remarkable  ability to guide her students through the design of sophisticated research, complex statistical analyses,  and formal writing of their studies”  

CBSS Staff Award of Excellence

Rebecca Badgett

  • Administrative support for faculty and students
  • Liaison between Department and other University Units
  • Manages graduate assistants and part time employees
  • Manages departmental resources, travel and operations budget, departmental events, and Banner
  • Advises and registers graduate students, assists graduate applicants 
  • “is a valued member of our department who routinely goes above and beyond for  all of us. This has been especially true during AY 2020-2021 where [she] is the point  person for our department with faculty working remotely and online.”

“is hands down the best administrative assistant I have had the pleasure of working alongside.”

Previous Award Recipients


Faculty Award of Excellence: Dr. Nikki Digregorio


  • Received awards in all three areas of teaching, research and service.
  • Recently received the University Faculty Inclusive Excellence Award for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Received the Teaching Award in The School of Human Ecology in 2015.
  • Received a Scholarship award in The School of Human Ecology in 2016.
  • Secured over $8,000 in grant funding.
  • Since arriving at GSU, has had 16 Peer review publications all as first author or solo author, 3 invited book reviews and 3 papers under current review.

 “The body of their professional work in its entirety is both a celebration of and a call to action to better promote inclusivity. It is a testament to the faculty excellence they exude. They have left all spaces better, stronger, and more equip to benefit from the gifts and talents of all people.”

Addie Martindale

Award of Distinction in Research: Dr. Addie Martindale


  • Established themselves as an expert in the field of apparel merchandising.
  • Leading the way to making research in the clothing and textile arena inclusive.
  • Published high quality research and premier journals
  • Aims to create a more inclusive and less environmentally impactful industry while preparing students for successful careers

“This individuals ability to perform research and creative work at this level is commendable. She is performing at an R1 status.”

Barbara King

Award of Distinction in Service: Barbara King


  • Lead on exemplary assessments
  • Actively involved in Faculty Senate
  • Lots of college service
  • Member of the Statesboro commission on Diversity and Inclusion (One Boro)
  • Involved with the Bulloch County Family Violence Task Force

“No better candidate than this individual. This award could be named after them.”

Award of Distinction in Teaching: Dr. Andrew Bulla


  • Board Certificated Behavioral Analyst
  • Reorganized and helped integrate the ABA curriculum post Consolidation
  • Evidence based behavior analytics teaching strategy
  • Students are receptive to the ABA teaching and are scoring higher on tests than the National Average by 12%

“Every single class for the entire 1 hour and 15 minutes, students are engaged happily. Always learning through hands on activity.”

Staff Award of Excellence: Brittany Horn-McLamb


  • Served as the only staff member for the Dean’s Office for 1 and a half and completed the work of 4 individuals as one, while balancing home and family life extremely well.
  • Provided efficient and quality services for the Dean’s Office
  • Completed a Masters Degree in International Affairs and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

“Brittany is the embodiment of our strategic pillar of operational efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.”

Career Award: Dr. Jerri Kropp


  • Joined GSU faculty in 1993 and began the Child Life Program.
  • Director of the NAEYC accredited Child Development Center from 1993-2006.
  • PI for federally funded grant for the Child Development Center for over $300,000.
  • Appointed to serve on numerous Georgia state committees, most recently by Governor Deal for early care and learning.
  • Holds the record in The School of Human Ecology for most peer reviewed publications from undergraduate co-authors.
  • Dedicated to lifelong learning and became a certified Child Life Specialist in 2014

“If you would ask any graduate from their program about this staff member, they would tell you how much they have learned from them while at GSU. They have had an indescribable impact on their undergraduate degree.”


Award of Distinction: Research

Dr. Baker Rogers


  • $5000 Scholarly Pursuit Award
  • Book Contract: “Conditionally Accepted: Christians’ Perspectives on Homosexuality & Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights.
  • “Drag as a Resource,” Gender & Society.

Dr. Rogers’ scholarship makes crucial contributions to the literature on sexuality and LGBTQ civil rights; gender performance and inequality; and feminist/engaged pedagogy and public sociology.

Award of Distinction: Service

Dr. April Schueths


  • Sociological Society faculty rep.
  • CBSS Committees
  • IRB
  • Workload Committee
  • Mayor’s Transition Committee
  • CASA

I am particularly impressed by (her) service to Statesboro…and how she works to make this a better place for our students, and all of us, to live.”

Award of Distinction: Teaching

Dr. Nathan Palmer


  • McNair mentor
  • ASA Teaching & Learning pre-conference keynote address
  • MERLOT Exemplary Learning Resource Award

Serves as an ambassador for our discipline…”

Staff Award of Excellence

Kirsten “Ali” Davis


  • Stability as Administrative Assistant at GSCDC
  • Serves as a substitute as necessary
  • Public face of GSCDC

She is ‘the glue’…performed many tasks above and beyond when leadership changed.”

Career Award

William Smith

Dr. William Smith


  • Ph.D. from Notre Dame
  • Joined GS in 1994
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Faculty Mentor

“… valued mentor of faculty and students alike…”

Last updated: 5/3/2021