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CBSS Advisory Board

A distinguished group of Alumni and Friends of the College that are appointed by the President of Georgia Southern University based on the recommendation of the Dean of the College. These individuals sit as an Advisory Board to the Dean and the College to discuss and advise on matters that impact the development and growth of the College and its Departments.


Advisory in nature, the board plays an important role in bringing an external perspective on matters of planning and development for the College. The College is dedicated to preparing students to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving and diverse world, and the College Advisory Board is uniquely situated to assist the Dean in fulfilling this goal.

  • Lee Berger Ph.D. | Anthropology, 1990
  • Jodi Hunter | Political Science, 1975 & Masters of Public Administration, 1978
  • Francys Johnson | Political Science, 2001
  • Lane Kennedy | Home Economics Education, 1963
  • Rose Mae Milliken | Art, 1959
  • Darrin Van Tassell, Ph.D. | Political Science, 1989
  • Patti Victor | Masters in Management Information Systems, 1978 & Masters in Arts of Teaching, 2010
  • William Wallace | Masters of Public Administration, 1981
  • Lana Wachniak Ph.D. | Criminal Justice, 1973

Last updated: 3/30/2022