Brett Curry

Curry_BrettDr. Brett Curry

Dr. Curry received his Ph.D. in political science from The Ohio State University in 2005, and has been a faculty member at Georgia Southern since 2006.  He teaches and researches in the field of American politics, with a general focus on law and courts. Curry’s research has been published in journals such as the Journal of PoliticsLaw & Society Review, American Politics Research, Law & Social Inquiry, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, and Politics & Policy.  His coauthored book, Decision Making by the Modern Supreme Court, was published with Cambridge University Press in 2011.

Research and Teaching Interests: judicial decision making, Constitutional law, American government, American political institutions, research methods

Selected Publications:

“Case Citation Patterns in the U.S. Courts of Appeals and the Legal Academy” (with Banks Miller). Justice System Journal 38 (2017): 164-182.

“Small Group Dynamics, Ideology, and Decision Making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals” (with Banks Miller). Law & Policy 39 (2017): 48-72.

“Organized Interests and Administrative Rulemaking: The State of Wisconsin’s Lobbyists and Coalitions” (with Nathan Grasse and Brieanne Heidbreder).   Journal of Public Affairs 16 (2016): 255-269.

“Judicial Specialization and Ideological Decision Making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals” (with Banks Miller).  Law & Social Inquiry 40 (2015):  29-50.

“Of Politics, Self-Preservation, and Symbolism:  An Investigation of Jurisdiction-Stripping and Legislative Redistricting” (with Trenton J. Davis).  The Social Science Journal 51 (2014):  398-407.

“Preserving Institutional Power:  The Supreme Court and Strategic Decision Making in the Separation of Powers” (with Bryan W. Marshall and Richard L. Pacelle, Jr.).  Politics & Policy 42 (2014):  37-76.

“The Effects of Per Se Recusal Rules on Donor Behavior in Judicial Elections” (with Banks Miller).  Justice System Journal (2013):  125-151.
“Experts Judging Experts:  The Role of Expertise in Reviewing Agency Decision Making” (with Banks Miller).  Law & Social Inquiry 38 (Winter 2013):  55-71.

Decision Making by the Modern Supreme Court (with Richard L. Pacelle, Jr. and Bryan W. Marshall).  2011.  New York:  Cambridge University Press.

“Does Descriptive Race Representation Enhance Institutional Legitimacy?  The Case of the U.S. Courts” (with Nancy Scherer). Journal of Politics 72 (January 2010):  90-104.

“Expertise, Experience, and Ideology on Specialized Courts:  The Case of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit” (with Banks Miller).  Law & Society Review 43 (December 2009):  837-862.

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